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Microsoft Office has really made our lives simpler. Everyone see a vast benefit owing a suitable MS office suite as per their need. Yet first time users face certain difficulties while installing their purchased MS office product, some of them being error saying ‘invalid product key’.

Product key is a 25 character key that is entered during the activation process. Office will automatically check this product key online with Microsoft’s Activation server and if it is not correct, the activation will not succeed and you will keep getting error during installation.

In this post we are giving you step by step guide to resolve your invalid key error.

Which MS Office Product You Own?

Choose your product among Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Office 2010, Office 365, and older versions of Office suite.

Error message “invalid product key” with Office 365

Office 365 Home Premium needs to be uninstalled before you install and activate Microsoft Office 2013 on 365. If you do not uninstall Office 365, you will see an “invalid product key” message.

To remove Office 365, please follow the instructions of Uninstallation in our previous blogs. After you uninstall Office 365, you can install Microsoft Office setup 2013.

What Can be the Cause of this Error?

Instances occur when you got invalid product key error. These errors may possibly due to:

  • Mistyping Product Key
  • Using Wrong Product Key
  • Activating Pre-loaded Versions of Microsoft Office
  • Older version of Office on computer

How you can Resolve Product Key Problem

To resolve such errors is not a difficult task. Just follow the steps below and proceed.

Step 1 : Mistyping Office Product Key

  • Users often mistype the 25 character code.
  • Reading the product key from a label can be difficult. Letters and numbers may look the same.
  • Some common mistakes made are between: letter B and the number 8; letter Q and the number 0; letter G and the number 6; letters V and V back to back (VV) appear like the letter W.

Step 2 : Using Wrong Product Key

  • Most Microsoft products use a 25 character product key. If you own many Microsoft products, it’s easy to confuse the keys and use the wrong one.
  • Users sometime confuse the product key on the sticker on the PC as the Office Product key. This is often the product key for Windows.
  • Users enter the product key of an older Microsoft Office. Product keys are not interchangeable between different versions or editions of Office.
  • Users sometime enter the product key of an individual program such as Word or Excel to install the entire Microsoft Office Suite.

Step 3 : Remove Older Version of Office

  • To remove Office on a Windows 7 PC; Click the Start button.
  • Click Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.
  • Look for another Office product in the list. Click it, and then click Uninstall.

Need Support for Office?

If above steps did not help fix your problem, you need assistance from a certified technician. Contact us for and Installation on Toll Free 1-855-441-4419 (US), +61-1800-769-903 (AU), +44-1800-078-6054 (UK). We provide all services for all MS Office related issues. 

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