How to Resolve Unlicensed or Activation Errors in MS Office?

If you own a MS Office 2013 version or 2016 version and findingerrors using or working with the same, then you may not have activated it with the valid product key. MS office has been quite popular among users around the world since you can perform any work with it whether it is preparing accounting sheets on Excel, document in Word, Outlook 2016 or business presentations in PowerPoint & OneNote 2016.

If you are connected to web, Office keeps checking to make sure that your Office installation is licensed correctly. This process is called office activation. If activation is successful, you can continue to use Office with all features present and ready to use.

If activation fails, Office eventually enters reduced functionality mode and displays Unlicensed Product or errors related to Activation. Reduced functionality mode helps prevent software piracy while still let you to view and print your Office files.


Issue-My product key stopped working: Common fixes

Follow these simple steps to fix activation product key issues with your MS Office suite.

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  • Check your computer’s date, time, and time zone
  • Run Office as administrator
  • Sign in to activate Office
  • Update Office
  • Check for connectivity issues

Not able to resolve? Further check:

  • Firewalls, antivirus software, and proxy settings are temporarily disabled.
  • Close all Office apps before you continue, and then restart them after you’re done.

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  • Check your firewall
  • Check your antivirus software
  • Check your proxy settings

Common Office 365 Subscription Issues

If you are facing problems or issues with your Office 365 subscription, your Office might become unlicensed. Skip this section if you already made a one-time purchase of Office.

Office 365 Subscription Activation Troubleshooting Steps

  • Connect to the Internet
  • Make sure your subscription is active
  • Make sure you installed the version of Office that’s included with your plan (Office 365 Home, Personal, or University)
  • Check for a current Office license (Office 365 for business)
  • Deactivate an Office install
  • Update or reinstall Office if you see an “Account Notice” or “Update required” message in Office (Office 365 for business)

Activation Failures?Repair Office with these Steps

Repairing Office might fix corruption issues that cause activation failures.

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  • Run an online repair of Office
  • Repair Office licensing (applies only to Office 2013)
  • Uninstall and reinstall Office

Uninstall/Re-install Office

If you’ve tried all the other solutions and still can’t activate Office, you can uninstall Office and then reinstall it.

My Product Key Stopped Working

In the event that your Office item key doesn’t work, or has quit working, you ought to contact the merchant and demand a refund. On the off chance that you purchased an item key separate from the product, it’s exceptionally conceivable the item key was stolen or generally deceitfully acquired, and along these lines hindered for utilize. Sadly, there are numerous deceptive dealers who offer stolen, mishandled, or generally unapproved Microsoft item keys available to be purchased.

Still Looking for Help? Contact Support

If you’ve tried every troubleshooting tip above and still need help, you can contact Office support.

You can contact us through the toll free numbers which are available for all countries users. With our MS office helpline numbers, you can get the best assistance and resolution of your all issues related, Microsoft office 2013 setup while installation. Just note down the numbers below-

For USA Customers: +1-855-441-4419 Toll Free

For UK Customers: +44-800-078-6054 Toll Free

For Australia Customers:  +61-1800-769-903 Toll Free

You Can Seek Help for

We provide all services for all Office versions. Our technician will solve all your issues related to:

  • Up gradation of your office to new version of Office 365 or office 2013,
  • Office 2016 for Macactivation/product keyissues.
  • com/myaccount product key related issues.
  • If you are you a student & looking for free or discounted version of office, go to and student.

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