Common Microsoft Outlook Errors: Fix Them Manually Here or Call Toll Free on 1-855-441-4419

MS Outlook is the widely used email software in the world today, the reason being its simplicity, its vast &advanced features, and the efficiency. However, many of outlook users’ encounter complicated issues with this email software that leaves them in frustration looking for an external help from an expert.

Some of these common problems with Outlook include freezing, start-up issues, sluggish working, and problems with profile handling, frequent email errors and many more.

In this post, we will be focusing on such common Outlook problems and their solutions. You can either resolve your Common Outlook problems manually following this post or can choose to take our MS office setup 365 expert help on toll free number 1-855-441-4419.

Troubleshoot Your Outlook Errors Manually Here

Problem 1 – Outlook is too sluggish& slow

This is the most re-occurring problem in Outlook. Over time, emails, notes, calendar entries, attachments etc. keep piling up in the Outlook PST making it abnormally large in size that further leads to utterly slow speed of Outlook.

Solution –To resolve this, you need to remove everything that is causing the PST to heavy. Find out the folder called “Larger Than 100 Kb” in Outlook 2007, it will contain all emails that are larger than 100 Kb. Delete all unwanted old emails. Also, delete all other unwanted emails and clear out the Trash.

The second thing you can do is to Archive your emails by year. This will save large amounts of data to your disk relieving the PST of its burden.

Problem 2 – Outlook crashes unexpectedly

A corrupted add-in can cause Outlook to crash unexpectedly without warning. Thefrustration can be imagined if you are in the middle of composing an important email. Installing too many add-ins can make Outlook slow too.

Solution – To find out if add-ins are causing a problem, start Outlook in safe mode and see if it performs better. If it doesn’t, the problem is something else.

Problem 3 – Spam Issues with your Outlook

Sometimes, you may get to know from your contacts that they’ve received unwanted emails from you while you may not be aware of sending them. The situation is quite embarrassing.

Solution – The cause behind this problem could be either a malware-infected computer with access to your email address or your email account being hacked. Changing the password could solve the latter of the problems, however, if you’re unable to do so, you should contact support immediately and report the issue. If the problem persists, scan your entire hard disk with a premium antivirus program.

Problem 4 – Outlook PST has corrupted

If your PST has corrupted, you start seeing errors pointing out in your Outlook. A corrupted PST can lead to inaccessibility of all data within your Outlook since it won’t allow it to open.

Solution – Microsoft’s inbuilt ScanPST.exe proves to be quite effective in this situation. You can find it within your Outlook installation folder and just run it should be all.

Problem 5 – An email on the office PC doesn’t show up on your laptop

When Outlook is installed on more than one computer, you may find that the email set on one doesn’t match the other. Downloading an email on both would also lead to an inconsistency.

Solution – There are 2 solutions for this. First– manually copy the PST file from one computer to the other. Whichever computer has all the emails, copy its PST to the other manually and then restart Outlook. Next– switch to IMAP protocol that synchronizes the mail on the server with the mail in Outlook.

Problem-6- Outlook keeps asking for the user’s password

With this error, Outlook prompts users to enter their passwords every time they send an email message. This problem occurs if Outlook hasn’t been configured to store users’ passwords.

Solution-To fix this problem, open the Control Panel and use the Mail option to edit again your Outlook profile.

Problem 7- Problems of incompatibility

If you try to remove any version of Outlook and reinstall the other version, you might receive an error message stating that Outlook cannot be installed because of an incompatible profile.

Solution-You’ll have to remove the problematic profile to fix this. To resolve this, open the Control Panel and go to User Accounts > Mail.Click on Show Profiles when dialog box appears. Choose the profile that you want to eliminate and click the Remove button.

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