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Sometimes you may face problems converting your Microsoft Office Documents into PDF. Most PDF software installs a toolbar into Microsoft Office as long as the Office installation is first completed. That should solve some problems related to the toolbar. For this case all you need to installed your PDF software before MS Office. Do uninstall it and reinstall it.

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Sometimes documents may print in a strange way.  It has been known to have some multi-page documents print to a PDF with thousands of pages, most of them blank or having strange hieroglyphics on the pages.  Usually this happens after a Microsoft update or Office security patch. For this problem: You can try to see if your PDF software provider has a patch for any incompatibilities.

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If you have Microsoft Office 2010 (or later), the capability is included in the Office program itself.  All you need to follow this:

  • Instead of clicking on File, Print and selecting the PDF printer driver
  • Go to the File you want to convert
  • Save As and select PDF
  • You will now have a PDF file of your document

If you have Microsoft Office 2007, there is a Save as PDF add-in available thereon.

If you have Microsoft Office 2003, you will have to depend on third-party programs that can give you the functionality to convert your document into PDF.

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